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Monday, 16. October 2023., 17:55


Hall D



Have you ever been in a start-up with handful of people where everything just worked? Everybody was synced, everybody knew everything that was going on and things were good. Then your company started to grow. More people came and suddenly there were some problems that did not happened before. Then you heard about Scrum, and it seemed great. You read Scrum guide, and it is simple and clear. You are ready to start.But when you start to implement it, you found yourself in a difficult position. There were some things that are different then scrum guide prescribes. It’s not the same as lecturers or Scrum certificate professors are teaching. It is much more complicated than that perfect Scrum team from the guide, that is working only on one project and can focus strictly on it. Then you realize you cannot just copy scrum to your process. You need to see, what you can take from it and adopt it to your needs. What should you keep and what to change. And then comes the hardest part of all. You need to make sure that you still have that base of Scrum. Not some mutant framework that has Scrum only in name. I would like to share our journey with you. Describe how we implemented scrum. What were our battles? What immediately worked? What was long-term loose or long-term win? Talk about our process - how we started with it, what was our first disappointment and how we eventually figured out what is working for us. I am sure there are a lot of companies that had similar struggles. We have complex process and lots of products that are connected to each other. We are still working to improve ourselves, but we have a pretty good process that works. I hope by sharing it, you can use some part of it, to improve your own scrum experience.

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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