Elevate The Cloud Game: Unveil the power of AWS Cost Optimization for business growth


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Subtitle: “The real tale from trenches about saving money and scale for success”Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations manage their infrastructure and applications, empowering them with unparalleled flexibility and scalability. However, the true potential of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) lies in optimizing costs to maximize value. Join the author for an engaging presentation where he hunts through the world of AWS cost optimization, exploring diverse strategies and best practices that will revolutionize the way you leverage the cloud.In the first part of the presentation, the author will demystify the art of cost optimization, unveiling a treasure trove of techniques that can help your organization minimize expenses without sacrificing performance or scalability. From rightsizing instances and optimizing storage and data transfer costs to intelligent workload management and containerization, author will provide you with actionable insights to unlock significant cost savings.But that’s not all! In the second part of the presentation, we invite you into the captivating realm of Jatheon ErgoCloud platform, a complex and groundbreaking solution. Get an exclusive overview of the services and resources utilized during its development, witnessing firsthand the powerful capabilities of AWS in action. Dive deep into a real-world example that showcases how Jatheon team transformed from zero to hero, going above and beyond to optimize costs and derive maximum value from their AWS investments.Prepare to be inspired as we share our firsthand experiences, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way. You’ll witness a thrilling journey where cutting-edge technology meets innovative cost optimization strategies, resulting in a remarkable success story.Join Aleksandar on this extraordinary adventure into the realm of AWS cost optimization, and learn how to unleash the true potential of cloud infrastructure while reaping substantial cost benefits. Discover the path that will elevate your organization from simply utilizing the cloud to becoming a master of cost optimization – a hero in your own right

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